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First-Hand Education, Experiences and Support for the Austin Community, Artists and Schools

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Inspiration and learning through latino arts

Featured Projects

Join us June 1, 2024 for Nelson Saga: Trova and Guitar

Tickets are Limited - Get yours here on Eventbrite

Live with passion and increase the voice of Latinx arts in Austin

Increase the voice and access to Latino arts through participation.

Bring vitality to your days through enriching programming and events. 

Help increase representation.

👋🏾 Wave adiós to boredom.

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Happening November 2024

2024 MEX

| Location  TBD

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March 22, 2024



Support For Austin Arts

Enhancing Austin’s Latinx Arts From Day One

From our inception, we’ve been helping to open opportunity for women of color in the Austin community - and to increase their participation in the arts. 

Over the years, new needs have arised - from loss of arts funding for middle schools throughout the state and requests for support to more initiatives.

With support of the city, donors and members, we’ve helped increase the population of those participating in the arts within the City by increasing access to education, sponsorship and opportunities within the Latinx Community.

Together, we make sure Austin Arts are diverse - creating a more well-rounded and robust community - while helping to make sure more voices are valued, heard and seen.

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